collagenGOT COLLAGEN?!

Let us tell you how and where to get it!


Because about 80% of our skin is made up of this essential protein and the sun as well as the natural aging process is depleting our bodies of it daily.  
Collagen is essential for younger looking skin because it gives structure to our skin cells.  As we age we produce less of it, causing the skin to thin, lose fullness and form wrinkles.  The Sun, Pollution, Free Radicals and Smoke are also responsible for this disintegration of Collagen.

So Read On and Find Out What To Do To Boost it!


In addition to topical products and treatments, food is a great way to naturally boost collagen.  

Seven Collagen Boosting Foods

Fish (tuna & salmon loaded with omega-3 fatty acid supports structure)
Red Vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, & beets contain Lycopene a natural sunblock)
Dark Green Vegetables (spinach and kale, rich in vit C, rev up collagen)
Orange Vegetables (carrots and sweet potatoes, rich in vit A, restores damaged collagen)
Berries (blackberries and raspberries scavenge free radicals and increase collagen levels)
Soy (soy milk, cheese and tofu are plant hormones that serve as antioxidants which prompt collagen production and block enzymes that can age skin)
White Tea (supports structure by preventing enzyme activity that breaks down collagen and contributes to lines and wrinkles.


While we can’t replenish collagen topically, certain topical products help stimulate dermal activity. Estheticians and Dermatologists can assist you in obtaining topical products with high levels of the following ingredients which will provide quicker and more noticeable results than most over the counter products.

Four Collagen Boosting Topical Ingredients

Retinol & Retin A (prescription strength retinoid)
Copper Peptide & Vitamin C (in form of ascorbic acid)
AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acid such as glycolic and lactic acid)
Antioxidants (vitamin E, lycopene, green tea)


Non Medical Superficial Treatments will stimulate collagen production. Regular visits to  a licensed esthetician to perform these treatments and a proper home care regimen is essential for ongoing Collagen Rejuvenation, especially after the age of 35.

Four Progressive, Not Aggressive, Collagen Boosting Treatments

1.Chemical/Enzyme Peels
4.Collagen Induction Therapy (micro-needling)


Put a plan in place.  Make some life style changes to include the following proven Collagen Boosting Regimen, and Stay Looking Young and Vibrant for Years to Come

Collagen Boosting Regimen

Eat Well and Drink Water
Don’t Smoke
Use Sunscreen Everyday
Consult a Licensed Esthetician for Skin Care Treatment Plan and Home Care Regimen