Don’t look now but there may be Petri Dishes in your Make-Up Bag!

 make up bag

Face Place prides itself on it’s sanitation practices. It is extremely important to us to keep our

clients safe and free of any type of infection. In short, we go above and beyond the rules. So once

we had our practices in place for the Skin Care Studio, we set out to do the same for our Make-up

Studio. We began to research the best products we could find to help us keep our Studio as well as

our Make up products bacteria free. It occurred to us recently that we found some very effective

products and thought it would be great to share them with you, for your own personal use. Why?

Well here is a brief explanation.

Normal human skin is alive with bacteria. Not all bacteria is bad but some cause problems for the

skin on your face. Especially the type that infect your pores and cause breakouts. So washing our

face everyday, two times a day is very important. However, it doesn’t stop there. For women that

use make up, there are other things we must do to protect our skin from infectious flair ups. That

is where the Petri Dish comes in. Most of us use make-up everyday or at least a few times a week.

We use brushes to apply and re-apply the make-up. So we dip the brush, we sweep it over our face

(thus lifting bacteria onto the brush), then dip it back into the make-up again (transferring the

bacteria into the make-up) allowing it to fester and grow until we come back and start all over again.

We have products available now to spray on the brushes after each use, to kill the bacteria. More

and more of us are now washing our brushes once or twice a week with an antibacterial soap as well.

Ok, some of us don’t but we should be. Up until just recently that is all we did to keep our faces

safe from contracting infectious bacteria from our make-up and brushes. Recently we did some

research and discovered there is now, for the first time ever, a product that claims to sanitize our

make up and put an end to that petri dish effect that bacteria has on our make up palettes. We are

now using it on all our testers everyday in the Make-up Studio to help us in our quest to keep our

clients safe. And best of all, they are not drying out or loosing their pigment. They are good as the

day we opened them.

We’d like to share this product as well as others we found to be exemplary sanitizing products, not

only for us at the Studio on a professional level, but for your personal, at home use as well. We

work hard with you to bring your skin to an optimal level of youthfulness and health. It is our job to

be sure you are well educated on how to maintain those results at home. We provide you with a

suggested home skin care regimen and a treatment plan. So it only stands to reason that we would

provide you with suggestions on what to use to protect your make-up products and keep them from

reversing our progress.

First of all, here is a helpful chart we found to assist you in knowing when to throw away expired cosmetics.

 cosmetic lifespan

We found these great brush cleaning products at The Spa Brush Cleaning Glove and The Dry and Shape Brush Roll.

Cleaning Products

Here is The World’s First Cosmetic Sanitizer we found at Our Greatest Find to Date!

beauty so clean

And finally, for those of you who use mineral cosmetics, we give you Mineral Mate. Great for traditional foundations too!

It holds oil from your skin that adheres to the brush so you don’t reapply it to your face! Learn more about it at