A Complete Analysis and Consultation is provided for each and every client on their first visit.  Your first treatment is then executed according to the specific skin type and needs.

Seasonal Special
$55/60 min

  • Like nature, our skin changes with the seasons. Seasonal Facials are created to combine season related active ingredients and memorable sensations for a perfect treatment in tune with nature.  Includes extractions if needed.

Express Facials
$65/30-45 min

  • For those on the go or just needing a quick pick me up, we offer nutrient rich express treatments to keep your skin exfoliated and polished.  Choose from 30 Minute Skin Booster, 1-2-3 Refresh, Teen Express or The Raw Man Express.

Corrective Facials
$115/60-90 min

  •  Corrective Facials will address specific issues such as Acne, Hyper-Pigmentation, Sensitive/Rosacea, Natural Aging, Post Chemo Care.  Each treatment is customized to your individual needs.

LED Light Therapy 
$75/30 min treatment
$25/added to treatment

  • Offered as a full treatment or added to any facial peel or modality. LED Light Therapy is an effective treatment to reduce wrinkles, age spots, and sun damage, increases collagen and drastically decreases acne.


Peels can not be performed on your first visit.  You must be an established client or schedule a Pre-Peel Treatment 1-2 weeks prior to your first Peel appointment.


  • Skin Analysis, consult regarding appropriate peel for your specific needs, patch test and a pre-peel facial to enhance the peels effectiveness. Includes complimentary post care products and an option to return for a complimentary 20 min post peel exfoliation.

$135/60 min

  • Peel treatments are offered in 3 different intensities and peel levels, Progressive, Mid Depth and Deep. Treatments will be chosen according to what is appropriate for your specific skin type and needs. This will be determined during your pre peel appointment.


  • Enzymes are proteins typically derived from fruit, vegetables and dairy. They produce a chemical change in the skin by way of digesting (exfoliating) the stratum corneum, infusing nourishing and skin building qualities. Many formulas are rich in vitamins and flavonoids, which also stimulate collagen activity. Face Place provides a large variety of Enzyme Peel Treatments, together with your esthetician, you will choose the most appropriate for your skin type and needs.


May be added to any Facial or Peel Treatment. Some Stipulations Apply

Deluxe Eye Treatment
$25/30 min full treatment
$15/15min when added to treatment

  • Deep infusion of 3 different potent eye serums to rejuvenate and revitalize the most delicate area of your face. Offered alone or added to any facial or peel treatment.

$65/40 min full treatment
$25/20-30 min when added to treatment

  • Offered as a full treatment or added to any facial and certain peels, these exfoliating modalities enhance the results of esthetic treatments, as well as your home care regimen. If added to a treatment, please remember to allow for additional time.

Ranging from $100-225/45-120min

  • Micro-needling with Eclipse MicroPen. Treatment is done my a licensed esthetician, CIT certified. Cost will vary according to area treated ($100-225) and includes your choice of microdermabrasion or derma-planing with an enzyme exfoliation prior to treatment, infusion of corrective serums or peel solutions post treatment, as well as post treatment home care products. Pre-Purchase 3 Treatments and Save 25%

Skin Fitness Series Great Plan For Brides To Be! Purchased in advanced, these Series provide a great opportunity to bring your face to an optimum level at a substantial savings.

Face A Peel
$325 ($385 Value)
Combination of at least one Corrective Facial and 3 Peels, provided consecutively over a 2-3 month period for optimal correction of certain skin issues.

Extreme Renewal
$210($260 value) 4 consecutive Microdermabrasion or Epidermal Leveling Facials in 3-4 week intervals to provide extreme exfoliation and renewal.


The most beautiful make up you can wear on your skin is none at all. Face Place strives to give you a face that allows you to feel comfortable and happy wearing minimal to no make up at all. However, when you do choose to wear Make up, we provide you with a healthy choice that infuse a great amount of benefits to your skin. We offer education on the application of Quality Make Up with Skin Care Benefits

Make up and Lash Services are Mobil Services.  We come to you at no extra charge unless specified.  Review each service to confirm if a travel charge is applied to the service. A credit card may be required to book these services.

$60/45 min


$65/45-60 min

$50/45-60 min

$100 Event/Photo Client
$100 Bride/up to 60 min
$ 85 Bridal Party (per person)/up to 45 min
$ 25 Clients 13 and under/20 min

Required to Hold Date: $50 Travel Charge and $50 per person
Non Refundable Deposit which will be applied to the total at time of service.
Additl. time at $1 per minute at Artist Descretion

DIVA SET  90-95% Coverage

Glamour Set  75-80% Coverage 


Lower Lashes (no fills)

3 wk – $75
2 wk – $50

Lash Removal


Brow or Lashes $15/15-20 min

Waxing is available for established clients upon request at time of booking.
$15 Individual Services
$45 Full Face
$35 Bikini
$55 Brazillian