Micro-Needling has been the hottest skin care trend for several years now, and is the go to treatment in lieu of more invasive treatments like Laser, Chemical Peels and Plastic Surgery. The treatment is virtually pain free, with minimal redness and inflammation, and very short downtime. However there seems to be a lot of questions still swirling around regarding the effectiveness and proven results of this great treatment. Truly the only way to really answer those questions is to give the treatment a try, and let your skin tell you the secrets it so wants to share about this very special skin care modality.  And here is what it will tell you…

Micro Needle Before_After

Micro-Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) …

Reduces Fine Lines and Deep Wrinkles ~ Utilizing the body’s own natural healing mechanism, this procedure is a powerful way to stop aging in it’s tracks, stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin… the key to new youthful skin.

Repairs Visible Scars ~ Nearly 100% of acne scarred participants report a marked improvement in their acne scars. Compared to fractional laser treatments, CIT proves to be just as effective, better tolerated, with fewer side effects and less downtime.

Reverses Sun Damage and Pigmentation ~ Stimulating collagen with CIT will reverse sun damage and discoloration. With just a few treatments you’ll notice clear and glowing skin shining through.

Improves Signs of Aging ~ A bonus of CIT is it’s ability to tighten loose skin and to smooth and correct damaged skin.

Shrinks Pores ~ Stimulating collagen in and around your pores causes them to plump and therefore shrink.

Increases Skin Care Product Absorption ~ Tiny punctures created by the needles act like little channels, allowing topical ingredients to penetrate deep within the skin and work more effectively.  This is key while the channels are open to deliver ingredients needed to boost the collagen and begin the rejuvenation process.

Can Be Done on Any Body Part ~ As few as 4-6 treatments can make a difference on problem areas that display stretch marks or acne scars, such as legs, chest, back, and buttocks.

A few pointers when researching this treatment and finding a provider. Whether you choose to have the treatment done by a doctor/nurse or licensed esthetician please ask questions as to what type of device they use and if they numb the area being treated before the treatment is administered. Eclipse Micro-Pen seems to be the most popular device at the moment, and numbing the area being treated helps to keep you comfortable because “needles”. You will also want to know what topical products they’ll be use during and after the treatment to ensure you are getting all the right ingredients absorbed into the skin while the channels are open. Vitamin C and E, Hyaluronic acid, Growth Factor Serums, and Peptides are most important for Collagen Rejuvenation.  Also inquire about any post care kit available or provided, to ensure you have what you need to heal properly and begin the rejuvenation process. It’s a good idea to know what topical products or medications you should avoid prior the treatment as well. Finally, step up your Vitamin C intake, it will help the healing process and is always an overall great way to keep your skin healthy and strong.


Face Place will completely educate and prepare you for this wonderful treatment. We provide a full facial experience before numbing the skin and beginning the CIT. Once completed you’ll be offered 10-15 of LED Light Therapy to help calm the skin and avoid any possible infection. You’ll also leave with a post care kit and instructions on how to care for your skin throughout the healing process, which is included in the price of the treatment.