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SHHH! Micro-Needling Secrets Your Skin Wants To Tell You!

Skincare Secrets Micro-Needling has been the hottest skin care trend for several years now, and is the go to treatment in lieu of more invasive treatments like Laser, Chemical Peels and Plastic Surgery. The treatment is virtually pain free, with minimal redness Read More →

6 Anti-Aging Powerful Ingredients You Can’t Live Without

woman-flexing-muscles 6 Anti-Aging Powerful Ingredients You Can’t Live Without   ANTIOXIDANTS ~ PROTECT AGAINST FREE RADICALS Antioxidants combine with Free Radicals and Neutralize them to prevent them from causing damage to your skin.  Look for Vitamins A, E, C, Resveratrol, Coenzyme Q10, Spin Read More →


Cameron No Make-up This month I’m sharing a blog with you from my esthetic idol, Rhonda Allison. Those of you who are clients of Face Place, know that we strive to bring your skin to it’s optimal level of health and beauty with Read More →

Ahhhh Sugar! Do Do Do Do Do Do!

Sugar The Sun Has A Partner When It Comes To Aging Our Skin And Its Called Sugar. Who Knew! Sort of like the song says… “Like the summer Sunshine, Sugar you got me wanting you!” It’s not just candy and soda Read More →