love yourself FLY (FIRST LOVE YOURSELF) Everyday we talk to women about their face and their bodies. Very rarely does anyone come to see us and tell us they are completely happy with their appearance. After all, we are estheticians and our Read More →

Wrinkle, Wrinkle, Little Things…

Wrinkle Wrinkle I found my passion in a profession that typically strives to decrease or eliminate the wrinkles on your face. So what I’m about to write will seem quite contradictory, however there is a definite philosophy growing at Face Place that Read More →


PastedGraphic-1 copy Surgical or Ablative Procedures for Skin Rejuvenation is not always necessary. There are less invasive and very effective treatments available and Face Place offers them. Before Choosing Aggressive and Invasive Skin Care Procedures, Consider a more Progressive Approach… One such Read More →

The Great Pumpkin

snoopy-waiting-for-the-great-pumpkin Linus was on to more than he knew. The wait is over. The Great Pumpkin is alive and well and living in your skin care products!  These powerful pumpkin products can do wonders for aging skin, and here are just Read More →

Time to Appreciate

choose-a-job-you-love-and-you-will-never-have-to-work-another-day Exactly 20 months ago I set off on a Journey to become an Esthetician and bring Face Place, Skin Care and Make Up Studio to Life. As I stand here in the Studio and reflect on all it took to Read More →


your body GOT COLLAGEN?!Let us tell you how and where to get it!Why?!Because about 80% of our skin is made up of this essential protein and the sun as well as the natural aging process is depleting our bodies of it daily. Read More →